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opinions on shopping when away from home/on vacation?

While the high court's precedent established abortion rights throughout the United States, upholding Mississippi's law would give states the power to chip away at those rights. Top Picks In Shopping Opinions // Editorials. OPINION: Small businesses facing rough holiday shopping season ... For many small firms, this is truly a make-it-or-break-it Christmas shopping season. ... Late LU lead ...

2021.12.07 12:26 deathfrights opinions on shopping when away from home/on vacation?

i was planning on staying with my dad for a small chunk of time early next year and he says he would be willing to let me use his car to do some instacart and make some extra money while i’m away from home. is this a stupid idea? i mean the only issue i feel would be the unfamiliarity with stores but i feel like you would eventually figure it out/get used to it?
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2021.12.07 12:26 _ningning 211207 fromis_9 Twitter Update

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2021.12.07 12:26 PaperMachetedHeart I made Lecsó (Hungarian pepper stew). Any Central or Eastern Europeans in the house? This stew is so good and perfect for a drunk meal.

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2021.12.07 12:26 IlIDust "Good news"

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2021.12.07 12:26 Julzr1020 Girls….

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2021.12.07 12:26 Bozzaholic 4 animals from RSPCA Essex are looking for new homes

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2021.12.07 12:26 Sukoforiko Daddy's girl

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2021.12.07 12:26 betterbetch My exbf is balding from cocaine, he's married, and I almost didn't recognize him. I was about to ask for his number and he said my name.

This man.. I think I loved him deeply to a point I would have took a bullet for him back then. He told me he wanted to get into SWAT or FBI but he failed the drug test. He's married now and he wanted me to meet his wife. I declined cause he chose his wife over me. In the sametime he was pretty awful to me. He apologized for that and I also apologized as I did some pretty shit things to him.
For a moment I think he wanted to ask if I was hurt from the break up and that's why I never found someone else. In my mind yes but he didn't dare ask that.
I couldn't sleep last night. Everything I hated manifested. He married someone else.
I bumped into his wife. She looks a wifey and seems stressed out just like his mother. I can feel he still misbehaves.
My friend who witness the entire convo.. thinks he's ugly, a flirt and wouldn't make it to be a swat agent.
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2021.12.07 12:26 Stinkybadass Flamingo - Staking to reduce RISK

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2021.12.07 12:26 red_inside I thought I was out of the woods! I hate this...

I'm sorry this is sort of a rant...
I (36/F) found out that I have endometrial cancer October 2020. Before that my husband and I were trying to conceive unsuccessfully. It was very tiring and frustrating for us, but the doctors appointment to find out why we couldnt conceive is what led to the discovery of endometriosis at first, that was a grade 1 endometrial cancer.
We wanted to preserve my fertility, so I had a laparoscopy surgery (June) and was on progesterone for 1.5 years (surgeries delayed due to covid). But when they found out my endometrioma (which was removed) was cancerous too, we made the decision to have a full hysterectomy. I decision that was really hard to make for me, but it had to be done. I am making peace with that.
I had my hysterectomy 8 weeks ago. I am recovering and my prognosis was good. I was SO thankful that the cancer was caught early and I was able to FINALLY put everything behind me and catch up on my life that I have missed for 4 years (1.5 which was fighing my cancer).
My post op appointment 4 weeks ago went well! My surgeon confirmed what my husband suspected - I don't need chemo because my cancer wasn't aggressive. At the time of my hysterectomy, my uterine endometrial cancer has totally reversed, and no signs of cancer in my ovaries as it was removed. He wanted to follow up in 4 weeks (yesterday) to check my vaginal cuff. ANd I was finally getting strong enough to get back to my life.
But yesterday, he told me he recommends chemo. Nothing had changed since four weeks ago. None of my test results had changed. He wants me to do chemo as a preventative, because my prevous surgeon who removed my endometrioma accidentally ruptured it. But my lymphnodes were still clear. My pelvic washings at both surgeries were clear. There was no myometrial invasion.

I don't want chemotherapy. I plan on telling him I don't want chemo therapy. But he fucked with my head and I can't stop crying. My husband is angry too. He has a research phd in gene therapy and has dealt with several diseases in his research and he is adamant that I only need to be monitored at this stage.
My surgeon's last notes in my patient folder is twisting my past test results to justify chemo. He said it's still my choice but he strongly recommends it. I don't understand why, and what changed! I don't want chemotherapy as a preventative, when my lymph nodes are clear, my entire reproductive system has been taken out, my several pelvic washings are clear, and all biopsies in surrounding areas are also clear.
I'm so angry and I'm so scared. I want to go back to tomorrow morning where I was feeling happy and hopeful about my life.
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2021.12.07 12:26 Flamario Advice on 5.1.2 Atmos Speaker Placement. 9’ ceiling, 45 degree angle from flat to MLP. I do understand it is not ideal.

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2021.12.07 12:26 Chiosame Follow me and I follow back : @peterenis783 // No DM needed

F4F - Permanent
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2021.12.07 12:26 hurcoman Nailed it

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2021.12.07 12:26 Zerocares Has anyone's Pixel 6 pro 512 shipped?

I'm still waiting on mine after Verizon reps canceled my order on 10/19 and I had to reorder it on 10/22. I see a lot of lower memory model shipping but I haven't seen many 512s. I am not holding my breath for that 12/23 ship date.
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2021.12.07 12:26 Unhappy_Video_4252 Quick question...... Who's Thirsty?😊😁😋😏

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2021.12.07 12:26 420catloveredm Improved a bunch, but now experiencing spread.

Whelpppp I tried to avoid with PT and Pilates. I’ve tried to life a more healthy lifestyle and to keep walking through the pain…. And after a month of feeling the beginning of crps ache in my “good” leg, I’m finally able to admit that it seems my CRPS has spread.
This sucks. I feel like I tried my best to go about my life as normal and strengthen and lengthen… but I still experienced spread. :(
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2021.12.07 12:26 talkingood Using a US power bar plugged into a UK power converter?

Sorry, dumb question time. Never travelled to the UK. Is this a bad idea? I know that most of our modern electronics like laptop, tablet, phone etc. will be dual voltage, but for other things I was sort of hoping I could just plug a voltage converter into the wall and then use a standard US power bar for a bunch of home electronics all at once. I can't seem to find a simple answer about whether this should work or not. What would everyone recommend? Thanks very much.
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2021.12.07 12:26 3mobdotcom Kaizer Chiefs pull out of DStv Premiership after Covid-19 outbreak

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2021.12.07 12:26 Cavish Really poor audio with QC35 II while playing games with bluetooth

Trying to play Halo MCC and whenever the theme starts and you enter the menu the audio switches to a weird "underwater" effect when the mic is on. This only happens with games with voice chat. I have no idea how to disable it. I saw that disabling handsfree telephony works but I just got no sound at all past the menu when I disabled it. Any ideas? On Windows 11 btw.
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2021.12.07 12:26 joesen_one MAX Changmin - ‘Human’

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2021.12.07 12:26 sunshineminx religious person interested in understanding atheists

I’m a religious person and I’d like to better understand atheism (I mean this in a sincere and genuine way).How you got there and maybe if you came from another religious practice. I’d love to be able to hear people’s thoughts.
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2021.12.07 12:26 jobsinanywhere Canada’s Aluula announces a new class of lightweight soft composites

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2021.12.07 12:26 harmlessloafofbread Hedging Against Real Estate Bubble in China

I'm wondering how people would be hedging against real estate, where investors are buying poorly made housing in China. Is Baba a hedge against this, or would a real estate crash bring Baba down as well?
Such as in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKbLB_T-IjY
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2021.12.07 12:26 hyoukaoreki Seven photographers drove Polestar 2 for five days each in Germany. The photographs were part of a photo competition and just look how beautiful these cars are , got the pictures from polestars facebook page

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2021.12.07 12:26 Bear_Lab How To Draw A Cute Snowman Coloring & Drawing With Cotton Swabs | 귀여운 눈사람 그리기 색칠하기 | Manusia Salju

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