Beginner - Different colours

2021.12.07 13:13 brokhus Beginner - Different colours

Hi All, currently trying to finish this one, but having problems adding appearances as I would like the "main body" to be made of wood, and i would like the marked area to be of metal. I'm not sure tho on how to separate the marked area from the main body. Anyone knows the easiest way to do this, as im still really new in the solidwork world? Cheers!
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2021.12.07 13:13 JTCampb Marine antiques/collectibles

My wife and I make a short day trip up to the Niagara area from Windsor every year. NOTL is our final stop for a day of some shopping and some food after we stop and hang out by the canal for a while (usually Lock 3), as I am a lifelong boat nerd.
Looking to expand my Great Lakes marine collection, which is not much right now other than some books and photos and some blueprints.
There is nothing in the Windsor area, but was hoping that with the Niagara area having lots of history related to shipping: Welland Canal, Algoma HQ, Port Weller Dry Dock (Heddle), as well as the shipbreaking in Port Colbourne, that there might be some places that might actually have some type of related goods for sale in any shops in this area. Was hoping to find some life rings, house flags, any kind of older type stuff off the ships that could be displayed in my house.
Are there any shops in the Port Colboure - St. Catharines corridor that might have items like this occasionally?
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2021.12.07 13:13 Competitive_Worry554 Hannahowo - HOt New video <3

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2021.12.07 13:13 HoneZoneReddit I just got this... Should i invest on it? Should i purify it?

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2021.12.07 13:13 Shoot-Anonymous [No Spoilers] Bruh, what is this? I mean, seriously...

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2021.12.07 13:13 akath21 Need lyrics for this song, but can't find the original song's name. Does anyone know about it?
Song name (on linked youtube video) is Broken Soul Anthem (uploaded by Zaba Madrid)
Also the song name mentioned in yt video ( Peace of Mind by KIR$H ) doesn't match the actual song lyrics.
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2021.12.07 13:13 ProVaxChoice December 7th - Batya Ungar Sargon: Media Elite, Misinfo Is To BLAME For Republicans' Resistance To COVID 19 Vaccine

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2021.12.07 13:13 justme Use Benefits Immediately After An Amex Upgrade

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2021.12.07 13:13 Rita_Rossweisse I am stuck on my wish token!

Okay so I know you should spend your first two tokens on the huge islands, but I REALLY REALLY want that Rigel dragon! What should I do? I need other people to tell me what to go for!
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2021.12.07 13:13 Justgame32 Poste Canada qui m'assure que mon colis va arriver... hier !

Poste Canada qui m'assure que mon colis va arriver... hier ! Explication possible : ils ne scan pas les colis qui retournent au bureau à la fin de la journée quand le livreur n'a pas pu tout livrer du au conditions...
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2021.12.07 13:13 LordNotix [EVENT][RETRO] The Last Night of the King in Italy

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Palace, not a creature was tame, for they partied with Malice.
It was a political game as much as it was a celebration. Whilst both King and Queen presided over a room full of local nobility, they had extended invitations to many of those in Italy without the premise of this feast fully explained. Whilst on the surface it appeared to be a respectful opportunity to enjoy the bounties of Naples and the time of Christ's birth in the warmer climate, its secondary celebration was more stealthily sprung on its guests. Gaston wore with him, not his real crown, but a facsimilious coronet, and a blood-red sash around his waist, just above that ubiquitous gold-dagger. His Queen, Katherine wore clothes fit only for a Queen; Gaston's habit for deferring to more practical dress did not seem to affect her own tastes, but rather the reverse was true.
King Gaston, it was declaimed, was The King in Italy for this one last night. It was knowledge to some, that the King of the Romans had sought finally his coronation as King of Italy for one day hence, thus until such a point there was but one King within Italy. Interestingly to some, was a subtle signal given off by this declaration - that the Kingdom of Sicily citra Farum differed from its' eastern twin through its involvement in Italy, and of an understanding that neither of the constituent components of the Crown of Aragon - the Kingdom of Sicily ultra Farum, or the Kingdom of Sardinia (bereft of Corisca) - were of Italy.
Whilst it may have been an important political announcement, the tone given to it, was one of satire, and of jest. It was a reason to laugh, and be merry, and ultimately meant little given the temporary self-styling's imminent cessation.
Others saw this entire affair as merely an incarnation of the Feast of Fools, in a far less blasphemous sense. It was an excuse for inebriated merriment, combined with the cheek of a Young King, aimed squarely at the events of Northern Italy.
"Mon trésor, you look as delightful as the Queen in Italy could be believed to be." Gaston had noticed a slight weariness to his Wife's smile, no doubt still marred by the events not a month past. "I am the luckiest man in all of Christendom to say that you are my Wife;- ask any man here, and he would agree."
She reached to hush him, but found her renewed smile enough for Gaston to fall quiet. "Mi rey, you profess too much, corazón. Have you drunk the cellars dry?"
"Non, mon trésor, it is as true as it is clear." Flattery, it seemed, would get this man anywhere. "These, our friends, our subjects, our guests, come from far and wide to see you;- perhaps also me, but mon trésor it is you who they adore, and none so much as I."
Before Katherine could respond, Gaston had plucked a particularly pissed petty noble from where he lay slumped.
"Monsieur," spoke Gaston enthusiastically, "Monsieur, open your eyes, and tell me, is this not the a sight worthy of paintings, a masterpiece unclaimed by the artists?"
The man's head rolled, his brain roiled by wines and liqueurs, before falling into position. His eyes cranked open with much effort, and from his mouth blubbered much acclamations and agreements in slurred Neapolitan.
"He agrees, with me, I am sure." Gaston spoke through his own smile, breaking into a small chuckle, as he helped the bewildered baron back into his seat.
Katherine could not help but laugh, it was clear that Gaston was trying to bring her some cheer - she indeed wondered if this whole event was meant as but a distraction for her.
As she pondered for a moment, her Husband had been distracted - set upon by guests who had with much social grace dragged him away to. To what? It appeared that the King was officiating some duel of fireplace pokers between raucous nobles to much excitement of all involved.
From her safe distance she saw her King's eyes transfixed on the implements, watching both metal bars whirl, and flick as they clattered off each other like swords. His own hand grasping the fire scoop, which not once, but twice was brandished in intervention of strikes he considered illegal. This war's winner being dubbed victor by this same scoop, leaving gracious marks soot and ash on either shoulder in the name of "The King in Italy".
[M: 50,000 Florins on a party in Naples, in early Christmas celebrations, and to celebrate the Only King in Italy one last time.]
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2021.12.07 13:13 Agima [100% OFF] Başlangıçtan İleri Düzeye Tam Kapsamlı Hızlı İngilizce Kursu (4 days or 804 registrations left)

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2021.12.07 13:13 bald-so-hard Shout out to the dawgs on my cake day

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2021.12.07 13:13 ProVaxChoice December 7th - Kim Iversen: Ghislaine Maxwell Victim's DISTURBING Testimony Details School Girl Outfits, Massages

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2021.12.07 13:13 bighick_ Possible to autopay OPPD with credit card?

Trying to get all my utilities moved over to my credit card with 5% cashback. Am I dumb or does OPPD not let you auto pay with a CC?
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2021.12.07 13:13 cdrago With Space Camp coming up...

I had a dream Griz played "Cozza Frenzy" in Hampton. He used to play the vocal back in the day so it's not totally farfetched (present nectar situation excluded). In the dream he went on the mic and said "I support victims and I support good music".
inb4 "this would never happen", just a dream y'all. <3
Here's a recreation of the edit Griz used to play:
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2021.12.07 13:13 algebraic94 Looking for suggestions for my small living room!

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2021.12.07 13:13 EfficientWatercress5 Zekrom adding 10 be online 2253 0998 9164

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2021.12.07 13:13 Eidolon_Alpha Author & Punisher - Drone Carrying Dread

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2021.12.07 13:13 Ok-Mortgage6689 Hola

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2021.12.07 13:13 ForeignMRE How to pour concrete road - Pour Concrete

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2021.12.07 13:13 KitchenNazi Thread border router support?

I use Homekit/Hubitat and have been slowly adding thread enabled devices to my network. Of course, those thread devices can't be controlled by Hubitat. I can do some sketchy mirroring with virtual devices but that's not ideal.
Anyone know if there's a thread router that Hubitat can control?
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2021.12.07 13:13 J0BlN $200 Lot for Sale OBO (Will consider 6 disc combo offers) Details in comment

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2021.12.07 13:13 Professional_Staff29 Which creatures would take over an abandoned town?

As the title says, I have an abondened town by a river, the place itself is nice but people were driven away because of a lack of food (caused by a monster devouring everything eatable, but is now chased away by the PC's). Which creatures would be first to taking over the now abandoned town? FYI this monster have been chased away for at least 3 months now. (My group of players doesnt have any connection to this town other than staying for one night in an almost abandoned inn)
Or should I simply let it regrow as a normal town again?
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2021.12.07 13:13 malxsi Two streets in the Medical Center no longer allow parking after complaints of semi-trucks taking up space

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