Expert On China Explains The Terrifying Reason Why The Communist Nation Is Taking Over Private Companies

2021.12.07 11:24 mperrault23 Expert On China Explains The Terrifying Reason Why The Communist Nation Is Taking Over Private Companies

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2021.12.07 11:24 JawlessCrawdad Apologies for the quality but it's too good not to
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2021.12.07 11:24 PotatoFuryR I tried making a procedural material.

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2021.12.07 11:24 Dextralis SC-164 275 160 | Long Reservoir Circuit | 25.1 km/15.6 miles | Anything Goes

SC-164 275 160 | Long Reservoir Circuit | 25.1 km/15.6 miles | Anything Goes
Start in Mulegé race south into the jungle around the north side of the reservoir and back through Mulegé.
With a F40 Competizione (upgraded to 967) I managed a 7:25.775. The Drivatars are pretty bad for some reason even on expert my laptime was about 7 seconds faster. I went with 2 laps for the event so be ready to need 15 - 20 minutes if you want to complete it.
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6705 2247 0103
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2021.12.07 11:24 FerJitsu88 Settings change not confirmed

Hi all. Am I the only one who change settings like from "push to talk" to "open mic" and it doesn't apply? Another perfect example is the sprint line. I have it unchecked since first day but every single day I need to open the settings menu and check it > go back to the game > press start > settings > uncheck sprint line. This is so annoying and I'm wondering if it's an issue with Xbox series S only cause I haven't seen people complaining about the same.
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I would like to give a tree to someone in need. Pick up in Vanier.
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2021.12.07 11:24 AMETSFAN 1796 Election

Starting a minor miniseries, creating an "ideal" Presidential and Vice Presidential timeline
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Both comes with case.
Selling as a bundle for $75 shipped.
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Also wanting to trade a magby for an elekid if you can as well!
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2021.12.07 11:24 daydreaming_doofus I asked an AI to make art with the prompt "leopard gecko"! Here are the results! [App is Wombo Dream]

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2021.12.07 11:24 -Eastwood- Was listening to the OST on Spotify, and Iudex Gundyr's theme has lyrics for some reason. Thought it was interesting

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2021.12.07 11:24 tommyblizzard 2021/22 Italian Superlega - match week 10 recap

A shortened match week (Trento and Lube are in Brazil for the CWC) started on Saturday with a crucial match in the fight to stay in Superlega between Verona and Ravenna. In yet another middles waltz, Stoytchev decided to start with Aguenier and Cortesia, while Zanini opted for Comparoni and Fusaro. The first 2 sets were a bloodbath for Ravenna (25-16, 25-17, 2-0), so the guests changed half of the lineup, sending in Erati, Ulrich and Queiroz for Fusaro, Ljaftov and Biernat. The move apparently worked (14-18), but then Verona turned the table around with a 5-0 break (19-18). Controversy followed immediately, as Vukasinovic tied the set with a block out (19-19), but the video check called by Verona seemed to show the ball actually touching the line. Ravenna built on the momentum and took it (22-25, 2-1). The hosts wanted the 3 points badly, though, and they got them in the 4th (25-20, 3-1). Clutch win for Verona, which overtook both Taranto and Vibo and got (temporarily, at least) out of the relegation zone. 15 blocks for the Scaligeri, 6 of them by Spirito (MVP), who was the team’s 4th best scorer despite being the setter. Mozic (18 points, 43% kills, 2 aces, 3 blocks) wasn’t consistent as usual, but Jensen (19 points, 48% kills, 3 aces) was instead. On Ravenna’s side, Vukasinovic (16 points, 38% kills with 5 errors, 54% positive receiving, 2 aces, 2 blocks) had a harder time keeping up with Klapwijk (22 points, 52% kills).
Sunday afternoon it was time for Perugia hosting Vibo. You may have had low expectations for this match, but, turns out… well, no, you were right (3-0, 75-56, 25-13 in the 3rd). Grbic used all his men except for Dardzans and Mengozzi, getting points from as much as 10 players. It was an unusual day off from the line for León (13 points, 57% kills, 60% positive receiving, 1 block, 0 aces and 5 errors on 9 serves), but the contribution by Rychlicki (10 points, 40% kills, 2 aces, 2 blocks, MVP) was more than enough to beat this Vibo. Yes, because, despite Baldovin trying 3 different lineups in each set, he couldn’t find answers from pretty much anyone (5 players scored), and maybe their best player was 19 years old Nicotra (6 points, 50% kills in little more than 2 sets). What happened to Douglas (0 points, -25% spiking efficiency)?
Padova went to Milano, in another important match. The winner would have distanced or overtaken the opponent and would have stayed in the hunt for the 6th spot. With Patry out, Piazza was forced to start a still recovering Romanò, while Cuttini decided to go with Vitelli and Volpato in the middle. Milano started strong (5-1) and fended off Padova’s comeback attempts, taking the 1st (25-21, 1-0). The guests reacted in the 2nd with 3 consecutive aces by Weber (4-6), but then the hosts came back from 6-10 to 13-12, and, once again, Jaeschke scored the set point (25-21, 2-0). Volpato out, Canella in, and a huge reaction from Padova, which mauled Milano (17-25, 2-1). The hosts wanted all points available and tried to sail away with a double ace by Romanò (9-5). After calling out an ace by Piano (13-9), Cuttini took off Loeppky for Petrov, who immediately spiked out (14-9). Padova kept on fighting and managed to overtake on 20-21, but a spike out by Bottolo changed the leader once again (22-21). The set went to overtime (24-24), but it was immediately closed by Ishikawa (26-24, 3-1). With these 3 points, Milano basically locked the qualification for the Italian Cup quarterfinals and put 4 points between them and Padova. Quite the accomplishment, considering they played without their starting OPP and with his backup still aching (10 points, 33% kills with 5 blocked spikes, 2 aces for Romanò). Still, Porro managed to have 4 players in double digits, led by the usual Jaeschke (18 points, 55% kills, -6% receiving efficiency, 1 ace, MVP). Padova have to blame themselves for this loss, both for waking up too late and for making once again a ton of errors (29 in 4 sets). Weber (17 points, 44% kills with 5 blocked spikes, 4 aces, 1 block) did great, considering that he played with an aching hand, and Vitelli (12 points, 67% kills, 8 blocks) built a wall on front row, but 13 spiking errors in 4 sets are too many.
In the last match of the week, Cisterna hosted Modena, a place that Bossi, Baranowicz, Rinaldi and coach Soli called (and still call, at least for the latter) home. No surprises in the lineups, with Rinaldi starting in place of Lanza who’s gone to China. The 1st set saw the hosts leading for most time, before the guests overtook on 22-23. Modena wasted 2 set balls, while Maar had no mercy and, for the first time this season, the guests lost the 1st set (27-25, 1-0). The Canaries completely tilted, especially Bruno, who was taken off for Salsi, and Cisterna dominated the 2nd securing 1 point (25-19, 2-0). The Brazilian setter went back to his usual self in the 3rd, and it was like watching another game, one that would have ended with a sweep (18-25, 18-25, 11-15, 2-3). Bad news and good news for Modena. Bad news because, of course, this looks more like 1 point lost than 2 gained, and if they want to reach 4th place before the end of the andata round (thus playing the Italian Cup quarterfinals in their home court), they’d better gain 9 points in the next 3 games (Milano home, Taranto home, Padova away). Bad news also for Bruno’s first half of the match and because serving is still way under par (4 aces vs 18 errors). Good news because October Modena would have lost this game, because of Bruno’s second half of the match, and because they got blocked only twice from the 3rd set onwards. If Stankovic (9 points, 60% kills and efficiency, 3 blocks) had scored 1 more point, Modena would have had 5 players in double digits. Abdel-Aziz (24 points, 56% kills, 1 ace) found his consistency on offense, but he’s still far from that ace machine we saw in Milano and Trento. Leal (18 points, 50% kills, 1 ace, 2 blocks) was majestic in the 5th and, despite being targeted by Cisterna’s servers, held in back row (51% positive receiving, 34% perfect, 2 errors on 35 receptions), but should spend less time bickering with Rossini and more focusing on his game. On Cisterna’s side, Rinaldi (12 points, 39% kills with 6 errors) had a huge start, but then fell very quickly and got subbed by Raffaelli for the tie break, while Maar (19 points, 52% kills, 52% positive receiving, 1 ace, 2 blocks) and Bossi (11 points, 82% kills, 2 blocks) were the most consistent throughout the game.

Sir Volley Perugia 3-0 Callipo Vibo Valentia (25-21, 25-22, 25-13)
Perugia: Giannelli 1, Anderson 6, Russo 5, Rychlicki 10, Leòn 13, Solé 8, Piccinelli (L), Travica 1, Colaci (L), Ter Horst 2, Plotnytskyi 6, Ricci 2.
Vibo: Saitta, Flavio 3, Mauricio 9, Basic 6, Gargiulo 4, Douglas, Condorelli (L), Bisi, Rizzo (L), Nicotra 6, Partenio, Candellaro.
MVP: Kamil Rychlicki (Perugia)

Power Volley Milano 3-1 Pallavolo Padova (25-21, 25-21, 17-25, 26-24)
Milano: Porro 4, Ishikawa 11, Chinenyeze 10, Romanò 10, Jaeschke 18, Piano 8, Staforini (L), Mosca 1, Pesaresi (L), Daldello, Maiocchi 2.
Padova: Zimmermann 3, Loeppky 14, Vitelli 12, Weber 17, Bottolo 14, Volpato 3, Schiro, Zoppellari, Bassanello (L), Gottardo (L), Canella 4, Petrov.
MVP: Thomas Jaeschke (Milano)

Top Volley Cisterna 2-3 Modena Volley (27-25, 25-19, 18-25, 18-25, 11-15)
Cisterna: Baranowicz 2, Rinaldi 12, Bossi 11, Dirlic 15, Maar 19, Zingel 4, Picchio (L), Saadat, Cavaccini (L), Raffaelli 1, Wiltenburg 4.
Modena: Bruno, Ngapeth E. 18, Mazzone 12, Abdel-Aziz 24, Leal 18, Stankovic 9, Gollini (L), Sanguinetti, Van Garderen, Rossini (L), Ngapeth S., Salsi.
MVP: Nimir Abdel-Aziz (Modena)

Verona Volley 3-1 Porto Robur Costa Ravenna (25-16, 25-17, 22-25, 25-20)
Verona: Spirito 8, Asparuhov 12, Aguenier 3, Jensen 19, Mozic 18, Cortesia 6, Donati (L), Nikolic 2, Bonami (L), Wounembaina 1.
Ravenna: Biernat, Ljaftov 6, Fusaro 1, Klapwijk 22, Vukasinovic 16, Comparoni 4, Pirazzoli (L), Queiroz 1, Goi (L), Dimitrov 1, Erati 5, Ulrich 5, Candeli, Orioli 1.
MVP: Luca Spirito (Verona)

Civitanova - 28 (9-2)
Perugia - 25 (8-1)
Trento - 22 (7-3)
Monza - 18 (6-4)
Piacenza - 17 (6-3)
Modena - 16 (6-3)
Milano - 15 (5-4)
Padova - 11 (5-4)
Cisterna - 10 (3-6)
Verona - 8 (3-6)
Taranto - 7 (2-7)
Vibo - 7 (2-8)
Ravenna - 2 (0-11)

Points (match day): Nimir Abdel-Aziz (Modena) - 24
Points (Superlega): Georg Grozer (Monza) - 193
Points per set: Rok Mozic (Verona) - 5.56
Aces (match day): Linus Weber (Padova) - 4
Aces (Superlega): Georg Grozer (Monza) - 27
Aces per set: Wilfredo Leòn (Perugia) - 0.81
Blocks (match day): Marco Vitelli (Padova) - 8
Blocks (Superlega): Marco Vitelli (Padova) - 31
Blocks per set: Marco Vitelli (Padova) - 0.82
Most times MVP: Earvin Ngapeth (Modena) - 4

Kill % (match day): Modena - 53.1 %
Kill % (Superlega): Perugia - 52.7 %
Aces (match day): Padova - 11
Total aces: Padova - 80
Aces/set: Perugia - 2.16
Blocks (match day): Verona - 15
Total blocks: Trento - 99
Blocks/set: Perugia - 2.75

NEXT ROUND (December 8th, 6pm CET):
Monza 0-3 Civitanova (November 10th)
Piacenza - Perugia (RaiSport)
Modena - Milano (8.30 pm)
Ravenna 0-3 Trento (November 10th)
Padova - Verona
Taranto - Cisterna (3.30 pm)
Bye: Vibo
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