My brain looking around the room for all the things that could kill me / someone

2021.12.07 12:51 MortSmith My brain looking around the room for all the things that could kill me / someone

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2021.12.07 12:51 TobiHovey Bitcoin, Ethereum Mount Recovery as Crypto Markets Rebound

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2021.12.07 12:51 LaRubegoldberg [Thank You] Cheer on a gloomy day

Thank you to...
u/mikepenpal6 Thank you for the postcard you send. It's always a treat to hear from you.
u/gdoodle7 Thank you for the sweet Christmas card. I hope I can build a snowman this year!
u/summerivey Thank you for the pretty holiday card. What a serene scene!
u/orangewolpertinger I love the birthday card you sent me--thank you so much :) I apologize for the delay in getting this thanks to you.
Have a good day, y'all!
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2021.12.07 12:51 Katanarang The FBI really did seize the crypto bro’s website

I noticed something too interesting to pass up during the most recent H3TV episode that the crew dismissed way too easily. Basically, they discovered that the parent company that hosted Carlos Matos’ epic BitRedemption, Metamorphosis, has a site that gives you a splash page claiming it’s been seized by the FBI.
[crypto bro’s website](
I suppose due to the shadowy figure in the background, Ethan and the crew dismissed the message displayed as some kind of hoax - maybe they assumed the crypto bros are using this to get out of any responsibility for the failed auction, who knows. Anyways, a quick text search from the site reveals that this seizure is very real!
Here is the official website from the Justice department explaining seizures like this one
Justice Department site
NetWalker is a very real threat and I’m not at all surprised the crypto bro’s had a vulnerability in their site. Anyways, just thought that was too interesting to pass up and wanted to share my findings ✌🏼
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2021.12.07 12:51 cbvv1992 🔥50% Clip and Coupon Off Code – $12.79 4 in 1 Bean Bag Toss Game Toy Cornhole Set for Kids (32 Pcs)

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2021.12.07 12:51 probablynotzucc pretty popular spot but you can see why with a view like that. Holyoke, MA

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2021.12.07 12:51 rbarrera402 Can the 20% beauty all event be used in store?

I’m trying to pay online for pickup but it isn’t asking my card for some reason 😭 so now I’m thinking of just going inside
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2021.12.07 12:51 JayMcKSDK Taco Tycoon Taqueria Los Portillo’s Mazatlan, Mexico Birria Con Queso Review

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2021.12.07 12:51 Rumpus_Misfit “Awkward encounters” Contax G1 28mm lens Kodak Ultramax 400

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2021.12.07 12:51 _HJZHANG_ Some random item ideas

Some random item ideas
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2021.12.07 12:51 Relevant-Increase-26 Anxious with Job interview/intern & Shukatsu.

Hey guys, as explained by the title I’m currently very nervous and excited with my coming internship interview in this big international automotive company and in general really anxious with my future and all of shukatsu. Anyways, I’m a 4th year student majoring in IR and my goals for now is to apply for internship and putting work experience as much as I can (other than baito). As explained my major is IR weirdly enough yet very good in the same time is I got an interview for a long term intern around 6 month, I prepared and do my research and really looking forward for it until it hit into realization that the position is really finance centered and surrounding controlling. A field that im not really used too yet am very eager to learn, its just that the other candidates probably will have a more finance background compared to me and im in the lost right now. Hoping for suggestions and advice if any. Thanks!🙏
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2021.12.07 12:51 jayenatior Mine BTC with Kryptex mining software.

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2021.12.07 12:51 cbvv1992 🔥40% Off Code And Coupon – $11.99 - 25.79 Upgraded 6 in 1 Bald Head Shavers for Men Waterproof, Rechargeable and Rotary Shaver Grooming Kit LED Display (4 colors)

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2021.12.07 12:51 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Jim Cramer: Market snapback caught investors by surprise after omicron overreaction ¦ CNBC on Youtube

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2021.12.07 12:51 ForeignMRE How to pour concrete road - Pour Concrete

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2021.12.07 12:51 warb_01 How the hell do you get the I WAS THERE calling card?

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2021.12.07 12:51 Pristine-Cry6449 Beer, pills, and knives. It didn't end well - The Ultimate Bartard Story (Pictures and articles included)

This is an oldie but goldie, originally posted to the Swedish forum Flashback Forum by the user Alprozalam. I'm not the OP. Pictures are linked down beneath the text, as well as the articles.
It was basically like this. Transportation service was taking my mother and I home after I'd been to the hospital; I don't remember why I'd been there. Was shuttled to and fro all that month. Seven times.
Anyways, I'm sitting there in the car, messing with Steffeman (which I've chosen to call him). We'd pulled up by the curb and the meathead (Steffeman) had gotten in. I'm stroking his head a little; he'd just shaved off all his hair with a razor. Bla-bla-bla, we pull up and I take the bill, which I'll never pay. We climb the stairs up to my apartment and, lo and behold, my package has arrived.
I get a blister pack containing 25 Zopiclone (Imovane), Lorazepam 1mg, and my buddy (Steffeman) gets a blister pack of xans 2mg. We're sitting there talking a little and I shove 4 Imovane up my ass. My buddy starts to nag on me so I give him 3 and in return I get a couple of xans. Anyways, lying there on the couch, I administer to myself a rectal solution, and my buddy asks, "Can I borrow that?" I say of course and give it to him (the rectal solution thingy). "Is it OK if I clean it up a bit first?" Steffeman asks.
So he lies there on the other couch in a fetal position and you can hear mom from the bedroom, "Don't do that' It's bad for your rectum."
At this point the notion strikes me to have Steffeman stay over for the night and get well and thoroughly fucked up!
I take all remaining 22 Lorazepam (1mg each). At this point I've already boofed 7 Imovane and 9 xans.
I've no idea how much Steffeman has taken, but I nevertheless goad him on to take more till we're all out. Some time elapses, but I feel nothing due to my tolerance. Pretty large doses, too. Strange. And Steffeman, the old rascal, is eating food all normal-like, then passes out like a pig.
I myself am sitting there watching movies. Machine Girl and the House of 1000 Corpses. I'm waiting for sunup and for the liquor store to open. At this particular point in my life I was pretty tolerant, so much so that almost nothing had any effect on me. Alcohol was sorely needed to get the high started.
So I spent the entire night showering, shaving my head and making some calls (this was around 5-6 in the morning).
Then I woke Steffeman, the biggie. Now he was no longer normal like he was before he passed out; he was intolerable. The first thing he says is, "Faaan nu har flöddret gått uuuuuurrhh". Just precisely as everyone says when they're all fucked up, you know. He was anything but normal and flew over to the refrigerator.
There he found a few pizza crusts that'd been there for three weeks. "Eh, I'm not that picky," he said, then sat down and spread a shitton of butter over the crusts. Big dollops. Humongous. He spilled some butter on the floor, and, when I called his attention to this, he picked it up with his finger straight off the floor and licked it all up.
"Let's get going to the liquor store," I said. I was walking like a normal sober person whereas Steffeman was tottering like a drunk and alternately whining about how it was really fucking faaaaar to the liquor store and insisting on how damnably normal he was.
We arrive and enter the store. I had a bunch of pentagrams and upsidedown crucifixes (jewelry???) I seem to recall and my buddy managed after some time of sputtering to procure 6 beers. That was all we could afford (and, as it turned out, all that was needed).
No sooner were we out the door than Steffeman opens a can and downs it like a fucking idiot. "Okay, this won't end well," I thought. And, yes, as it turned out, it did, indeed, not end well. At all.
At this point things are pretty blurry for me, too, and I've a few things I don't remember at all.
I've always wanted to carve the word "Buried" into the skin of one arm and "Griftefrid" (peace of the grave" into the other. Like scarification, kinda. The idea pops once again into my head and Steffeman is not one to balk at such things. I've asked people to help me in this before, but no one has been willing. Now, on the other hand, I knew Steffe would help me! It didn't turn out very well, though; I have "Griftef" on one arm, and it looks pretty bad.
But I digress. Here we have a dude all fucked up and a brand new carving knife and an equally new bread knife, which turned out to be pretty damn sharp. I remember that I sat there urging Steffeman to, "Cut deeper! Cut Deeper!"
Yeah, here we have two bartards—one of which is at this point completely zombified—knives and shit. Black metal. Two dudes who are known to get violent. Especially Steffeman, who is an MMA-trainer and big as a house. I wouldn't stand a chance against him. He actually kicked a cop in the head once and got beaten with batons, but more on that later . . .
Anyways, Steffeman flips out, takes the bread knife and saws straight down into my arm in three different spots, all the way down to the bone (the doctor measured the depth of the wounds and said they were the deepest he'd ever seen).
Soon Steffeman cuts off a nerve down near the wrist, so I lose feeling in half my hand.
I'm thrown into shock and start to cry. Steffeman drops down to his knees and starts to shout, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"
"Eh, it's alright, bro," I say, noticing a stream of red pouring down Steffeman's arm. I never noticed that he cut himself. He must've done it when he got down on the floor.
At this point I'm bleeding pretty heavily. Even more so Steffeman.
Now he says that he wants the word "Darkness" on his back and tears off his t-shirt. Okay, what else can you do other than grab hold of the carving knife and get to work? This takes quite a while as you may understand. I'm like, "ddddee, AASrerr" and he was powering through it, all like, "Uäääähhhhgggrrrr". Making noises and shit.
I've few memories of what happened after. There was blood everywhere. Steffe sat down and put the knife to his throat. I panicked and ran out into the stairwell and just sat down.
Some dude noticed me sitting there all bloodied straightaway, looking completely shocked. "I'll call for help!" he shouted.
For some reason I went back inside to grab my camera, then proceeded to walk around and take pictures of the mess. Steffe's lying there in his underwear in a pool of blood making horns with his fingers. Some time passes before the cops come inside. They've been popping by regularly all month (7-8 times), so they know me pretty well. Anyways, they bring me outside and sits me down on a bench where two fourteen year olds are eating ice cream. I'm fingering my wounds and paint a cross with the blood on my forehead.
"I think it'd be best if you leave," the cops say to the kids.
Then I flip out, but not because of what's happened but because there are ambulances and cop cars everywhere.
"I'm embarrassed. What will the neighbors think?" I thought. I think there were 3-4 police cars and an equal amount of ambulances.
I'm sitting there and the cop's making small talk, inquiring as to what the hell happened. But I don't answer any of his questions. Then the ambulance crew comes running out the stairwell into the courtyard. "He's going to jump!" they shouted, after which every cop and ambulance personnel ran up to the apartment. After some time they come back out, with Steffeman on a stretcher next. They put me on one too, and I say to Steffe, shaking his hand, "Next time we'll slit our throats, Brother."
Then all fades into darkness. But I remember that my buddy flipped the fuck out when they were going to stitch him up, because suddenly I heard him get up and batons getting pulled out. But I think nothing serious happened . . .
The next thing I remember is that I'm sitting all stitched up in the mental ward of the hospital. Dad was there, his socks and pants soaked through with blood. Not only that, I was pretty proud of my bloody pants. "Ähhh, these I'll never wash." I was saying that I was going to bury them in the dirt and let them moulder there, like Pelle "Dead."
Mom and Dad are sitting there talking about compulsory care. "Now they have to lock him up!" dad said, making me very angry. Good thing there were two cops nearby . . .
My dad acquises in my getting 4 10mg Diazepam daily and 2 Imovane nightly for my tapering plan. During the tapering phase I must absolutely not be released from the hospital. The first thing that happens the next day, however, is that I'm released.
"WHAT THE FUCK?" I'm thinking. At least he was going to invoke LVM (not sure what he's referring to here. LVM is a law that's got to do with treatment of addicts). Soon two cops arrive and I have to tag along to jail. I didn't understand anything. No one did. Neither the cops nor anyone else had ever dealt with something like this before. I mean, I'd given my consent to get carved and so, too, Steffeman.
Then, to add salt to my wounds, I end up with a real idiot of a doctor (as usual) who promptly began to call me a liar, saying that it was impossible to take that many pills and survive. A real fucking idiot. Then I say to her that I want to stay there in the jail sickroom, to which she says,
"You aren't sick. You are a criminal and shouldn't be here."
"What're you talking about? I haven't done anything."
"Yes you have. You kicked a cop in the head."
The jail guards later told me that it wasn't me who'd kicked the cops, and I understood that it was the good ol' Steffeman!
Apparently, they'd stopped using xans for the jail tapering plans. Steffe had reacted violently to this and kicked the cop next to him, and then the batons were pulled out. The cop hadn't done anything to antagonize him.
Yeah, that was basically everything worth saying. We were jailed for a few days and then sent to different psychiatric units.
Honestly, it was well worth half a year's compulsory care. Sick as fuck. Not.
Pictures: Bartardation
Interview with the OP: Interview
Sorry, couldn't dig up the old articles :(. The interview's in Swedish, but just Google Translate dat shit.
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2021.12.07 12:51 courtallen Views on taxes and other government/leading influences?

Do you view taxes as the end all be all of humanity? Because that’s what everyone around me acts like. As if it’s your “duty” to society. And objectively, I see and understand how taxes are supposed to work, but it’s such a scam imo.
Just like insurance, it seems like people are forced/required to pay for things that they may never or rarely benefit from. While some big wigs make billions. I know the government doesn’t use the taxes for yachts and mansions (hopefully at least), but they fix their roads, and make their neighborhoods nice.
A year ago I moved out, but I had spent three years in a not-so-great but not-the-worst neighborhood. Lots of fights in the streets, DV among lots of neighbors, kids just roaming and getting in trouble not being watched, drugs, a couple shootings, etc. And the PD was very nice and new, while the whole rest of the neighborhood looked like crap. They just sent me a bill for almost 2000 for taxes they claim I didn’t pay. (I’ll figure that out). But how on earth are they taxing people THAT much and nothing is improved/bettechanged?
Also, I receive medical coverage from the government, but I somehow have accumulated almost 1000 in doctor bills. I also can’t find any good dentists in that plan. Zero therapists take my plan in my area. It all just seems pointless. IF people pay taxes to help the majority or those in need, why is the majority not being helped and why are people like me STILL paying a lot even with benefits?
Are taxes a moral obligation to you? Are taxes helpful or make sense in your eyes? My faith preaches against greed and idolizing money, but everyone I know acts like taxes are more important than ethics. Maybe I’m just naive and “too young” to get it.
I haven’t graduated with my degree yet so I don’t know what it’s like on the other side of the fence financially, I’m not going to act like all poor people are good and all rich people are bad. It’s just the way the government requires you to share every detail with them, while they keep so much from us.
Kids could have free meals at school. Foster kids should have good safe places with clothes and Yummy food. People should be able to have cancer and not worry about their bill simultaneously. People buy cars just to get screwed up from rough roads. Drug addicts should get rehab, not jail.
It’s like we are crabs at the bottom of a bucket all trying to crawl out unsuccessfully.
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2021.12.07 12:51 fariborzzak1341 Milwaukee 'Dancing Grannies' Dance Again After Waukesha Parade Tragedy Killed 4 of Their Members

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2021.12.07 12:51 ConvivialHost What are some underrated episodes?

I recently watched 46 long and it was really well written and acted with some great lines
This is the worst this expresso shit
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2021.12.07 12:51 Anarky_Blue The fact that some women are becoming trans, the men's section in clothing shops, like Primark will eventually get bigger for men.

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2021.12.07 12:51 Evilfart123 Riot Games managed to add an avatar creator to the client which is still missing key quality of life features after countless years

The client is a mess and I'm sure a majority of the playerbase can agree with and the countless dev articles over the past couple seasons makes it seem that a new client is not really in the works so the current one is here to say. I will say though that over the past seasons I have noticed that the client has barely given me game breaking champion select bugs (cant pick a champion, pick order is messed up, picking the wrong champion) which I am very grateful for.
As the client becomes more stable (which it has) I believe Riot should start looking to add new and missing features into the client. Riot has shown the ability to slowly add updates where I've noticed key fragments can actually combine into multiple keys without having to craft them over and over again. They have also introduced the avatar creator in the client home page (which I'm sure most of you have barely touched if not at all). If they can add these features that I'm sure they would be able to add things the client actually needs.
Some of the features I'm talking about are skin and chroma previews, a disenchant all button, further loot tab improvements, random skin selectors for in lobby, more emote options, and etc.
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2021.12.07 12:51 Decent_Tune9971 super project @BitgameGlobal .

super project @BitgameGlobal .
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2021.12.07 12:51 nonpareilsprinkle christmas you say?

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2021.12.07 12:51 Rare_Miniatures Begonia sp “Mantuk” - Unidentified iridescent species w/ highly unique leaves - Very difficult species and very rare

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