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$RKLB Awaiting Buy Signal. Stock Trading Ideas by UltraAlgo.com

2021.12.07 11:04 ShortAlgo $RKLB Awaiting Buy Signal. Stock Trading Ideas by UltraAlgo.com

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2021.12.07 11:04 PJFurious Fans never switch on?

Good day. I have been using pop for a while now and realized my fans have never been on while in pop. in windows they do switch on when the system starts to heat up. It is almost like pop doesn't know that fans exist. any advice on how to fix it perhaps. Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.07 11:04 turnaround0101 [WP] You've died and have arrived in the Afterlife and surprisingly, The Afterlife has its own "Internet" which is slightly different from ours, While exploring it, You stumble upon a forum that asks the question "How did you die", And the posts begin to get more disturbing as you scroll down

Death hadn’t changed anything except the scenes outside the window. Twisting and frantic, those scenes. A sickly cityscape stretched steel fingers up towards the sunless sky, and every time Jonas looked the buildings had changed places. Towers out of some Soviet block, streets that opened up into thoroughfares broad enough to march an army down, leading to broken, shifting warrens where you could lose one.
Jonas had seen it all through the bedroom window, huddled in a room where the only light was harsh and blue and thrown by his computer screen. He hadn’t left, wouldn’t leave. Where would he go, what would he do? In all his time here, wherever here was, Jonas had never seen another person. He had never grown hungry, never needed supplies. The world was a seething silence broken only by what was piped through his speakers.
Death hadn’t changed anything. He dropped the blinds on the world, turned back to the computer and the forums. Jonas hoped there were real people on the other end of all those usernames.
The forum was simple, no dot com address, just a place called “Where Are We?” with boards like “Looking For A God” or “MUD Hub” or Jonas’s favorite, “Random.”
Jonas didn’t know long the board had been up, only that sometime before he got here it had already devolved. What had been random was now hardly more than a single topic, just a few “Looking for E-girl” threads interspersed amid all the Afterlife Sleuthing.
What else was there to do, in a place not quite heaven and not quite hell?
Jonas found a thread, searched through it for a long time as the outside world shifted around him. And soon he was hooked, because this thread was doing something different. It was asking how each of them had died.
The trouble was, Jonas couldn’t remember. Neither could anyone else it seemed, post after post scrolled by declaring that their final moments were a blank spot in an otherwise perfect memory. All these people like him, Jonas thought, isolated in blue-lit bedrooms in the roving towers of a sunless city, connected by this single thread of nothingness— it made him want to scream.
Jonas screamed. Why not? There was no one left to bother.
When the scream was over and the conversation in the thread had died, Jonas looked to the blinds and the sliver of twilight he could see through them. It was all so much like what had come before. He could remember it perfectly, even if he couldn’t remember his death.
Jonas had wasted years in front of a computer just like this. Blink and there went high school, college. Blink and there went his early twenties. Blink, and the big hand on his clock was racing towards thirty. No brakes on that train, he’d worn them down too long ago.
Thinking of it, Jonas realized that the outside world hadn’t even been so dissimilar from this one. What had he seen when he peaked out through the blinds? The buildings hadn’t moved, but the people did. Like a sickening reversal of his current reality, Jonas’s world had stayed the same while all the others shifted. The guy in Apartment 502 had left, moved in with the girl he’d met across town. 503 sat empty— same story in reverse, a girl moving out for her guy. Then the old man down the hall had died, and the cat Jonas petted when the walls closed in, and—
And then the walls really closed in. In the moments he’d stolen to peak out through the blinds, hadn’t it always looked like twilight? At some point, hadn’t he become unable to recognize his city?
Jonas pawed roughly through his hair, pulling until his scalp screamed at him. Then he gathered himself as if to go to war, and he posted a comment on the forum for the first time.
“None of us remember how we died, but do any of you remember why?”
Silence on the board, silence in the world. Then the floodgates broke and the comments were coming in faster than Jonas could refresh.
Most were angry, some refused to see a difference in the questions. But some of them began to play with the idea, to kick thoughts back and forth across the void, and as Jonas watched those comments drowned out all the rest. Something constructive emerged from the muck of Random. Something cutting and difficult even to read.
“I died because I gave up on myself,” the first one read.
“I died because I couldn’t trust.”
“I died because I was too scared. The world looked too big.”
“I died because I never got a chance to live.”
And on and on and on.
They hit the post limit and the thread moved elsewhere, all those anons and numeric strings following Jonas’s thought like a migratory herd of ones and zeros. For the first time since he had gotten here, Jonas felt almost as if he were talking to someone, even though he wasn’t typing. He put an idea out into the world and it sparked something, people were reacting to him.
Yet, Jonas himself was not. He looked inside himself for the same answers they had given and couldn’t bring himself to find one.
Why had he died? Jonas didn’t know. Unlike everyone else it seemed there were too few possible causes. He hadn’t been afraid, not really. He left sometimes to get groceries or toilet paper, to pet that cat; it hadn’t been an issue of fear.
Trust then? Not trust, Jonas thought. He had trusted the guy in 502, the girl in 503. They had been— if not friends— then something.
Jonas hadn’t had some traumatic childhood or awful life event to make his world contract, there were a sea of those passing in the thread and none of them applied to him. So what then?
Jonas stood, shaking, went to the window again and threw open the blinds and looked at a world he did not recognize, changed utterly since the last time he had peered out. There was nothing to be seen. Generic gray steel and dirty glass, architecture made of rectangles planted carelessly throughout the pools of grimy urban concrete. Empty streets. Empty sky. It was a perpetual, aimless twilight, with nothing better ever on the horizon. Like it always had been and always would be. There was nothing for him out there.
Jonas closed the blinds, closed his eyes. He stood there until his breathing was steady and the thing racing through him was no longer so fresh, so painful. Then he sat down at the computer once again and began to type.
“I died because I forgot how to dream.”
It was lost in a sea of arguments and condemnations, the hellscape an unmoderated board always devolved back into, but Jonas had said it. There was a charge in the air now, in him; as if he’d gotten closer to something, even if he didn’t know what.
A scent crept towards him, a hint of floral sweetness on stale air. Jonas glanced towards the window. It was still closed, and in any case he lived in a world without flowers.
“Good work,” someone said from behind him.
Jonas whirled, rising up out of his chair. Adrenaline pounded through him, there was no place to run and he’d never been a fighter, but it had been so long since he’d a voice. What else could he have done?
And then he saw her. There was no halo, no chorus of cherubim. She did not ride in on a cloud or step out of a pillar of light. She didn’t even smile. But she was there, and the lack of all that made her feel so much more real.
A girl sat on the edge of Jonas’s bed, dark pants and a dark, shapeless shirt, piercings and tattoos and big scary boots. She stared right at him, unaffected by all the strangeness in the air.
“Are you an angel?” Jonas asked.
She shook her head.
“A demon?”
“Jonas,” she said slowly, “if you ever see a demon you’ll know.”
“Oh,” Jonas said. All the adrenaline was gone. He reached for his chair and missed it, sat down cross-legged on the floor, staring up at her.
“What are you then?” Jonas asked. “And where am I?”
She came and sat down across from him, close enough to touch or to touch him. The closest Jonas had been to another person in years, discounting grocery stores and gas stations. She fiddled with a ring, looking everywhere in the room but at him.
“You’re in purgatory,” she said finally. “It’s… not what you think it is. There’s no risk of sliding into hell, if you were bad enough to go there you’d already be burning.”
She pulled the ring off, squeezed it tight in her pale hand. “Purgatory is… Fuck, I’m so bad at this. Purgatory is like therapy for people who weren’t ready for Heaven. The afterlife is complicated, a lot of it depends on you and what you’ve prepared yourself for. For someone like you… let’s just say Heaven would be pretty rough on a person who doesn’t know how to dream.”
Jonas didn’t know what to say. He stared at the girl, counting rings and piercings, trying to fit his mind around the scope of what she told him. It was difficult, he was still struggling with the reality of another voice in his head.
“So no,” she said, “I’m not an angel, not a demon. I’m not even so different from you. In fact, I did the same thing you did, once.”
“Uh-huh, though I wasn’t the one to spark the conversation. Jonas, you helped you a lot of people today. It’s easy for a soul to hang out here forever, not doing the things it needs to do or confronting the things it needs to confront. Because you know— I heard this in therapy a lot — ‘The first step is admitting you have a problem.’ And people can’t be forced to do it. That has to be organic.”
“So you’re what,” Jonas said, “here to congratulate me or something?”
She laughed, a sound high and pure. Jonas hadn’t realized how desperate he was for the sound of laughter.
“No, no, no. Jonas, I’m just here to be your friend.”
Harsh blue light warring with the endless twilight, Jonas went back to his window. Everything was as it should have been, unrecognizably generic. And yet, he thought the sky might be a touch lighter now, twilight edging just a few seconds further towards dawn.
“I could use one of those,” Jonas said.
“Me too,” she said. “I’m Mary.”
Jonas closed his eyes, breathed until the room was steady. Everything was quiet save for the hum of his PC, the creaking of leather and the steps of those heavy boots as Mary stood.
“Turn it off,” Jonas whispered.
The hum faded, and for the first time that Jonas could remember the world held a true silence.
“Would you tell me about your dreams?” Jonas said.
And she laughed again. He heard his bed creaking when she sat, heard it all so close and so vibrant. “Jonas,” she said, “you’re in for it now.”
He turned back, not to his computer but to a person. The lights came on, and sitting there, crosslegged on the floor, Jonas listened as his world changed around him.
original post
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2021.12.07 11:04 WallStreetVids Can I Beat The Market With 3 Stocks? AEX Index vs. 3 Stocks (Full Analysis)

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2021.12.07 11:04 Feodal_lord S&P Global Ratings warns investors says Evergrande in default is inevitable

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2021.12.07 11:04 SymbauhHuint WAGMI ❤️ | Rich the Kid tweet | Soulja Boy incoming | Listed on CG and CMC 🔥 | 📢 Safemoon Tweeted About Us - Check Their Twitter And more !

WAGMI is more than a token, it’s a mantra uttered by frens, apes, and degenerates worldwide. It’s about manifesting your wildest crypto gains into reality. Buy tax — 10% redistribution Sell tax — 5% marketing — 5% development CG and CMC LISTED $ WAGMI $ WAGMI $ WAGMI $ WAGMI WE ARE ALL GONNA MAKE IT! Safemoon Tweeted about us: https://twitter.com/wagmierc/status/1461754302188310530 Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/wagmi CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wagmierc/ Contract : 0xeA8FeF5d04c6AD8E9abaBE87bf71995eb6CEdf6d PancakeSwap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xeA8FeF5d04c6AD8E9abaBE87bf71995eb6CEdf6d LP Locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xE2A0742Fab0553619A8004ac3b122A8488517C7B Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0xeA8FeF5d04c6AD8E9abaBE87bf71995eb6CEdf6d
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2021.12.07 11:04 businessyndicate Microsoft seizes domains used by “highly sophisticated” hackers in China

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2021.12.07 11:04 _dadof3girls_ Good morning! I need some input.

I've been doing crossfit for about 5/6 months. Up until about about a month ago, I was feeling good a d felt like I was making improvements. Since, I feel like my cardio isn't improving at all. It's super frustrating.
To give an example, I went on a 2 mile run at a snails pace (about 10:30 p/mile) and I was hardly breathing heavy. I could keep that pace for a long time and have no issues. During a WOD of 400m run, 30 WBs and 30 box jumps for 5 rounds takes me 45 mins and I'm absolutely gassed.
I train mon-wed, Friday and Saturday and recently decided to strength train and participate in WODs 3 days a week and run for 30 or more mins 2 days a week.
Anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you get past it.
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2021.12.07 11:04 stekig12 Nån u n g runka? Eller byta på u n g a tjejer?

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2021.12.07 11:04 PhthaloVonLangborste WIP it was supposed to be a quick gesture drawing damn it. Drawn from a freeze frame from Meg Sutherland over on r/FitAndNatural

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2021.12.07 11:04 porfo11 EXTREME Stuttering when playing Fallout 4 VR on Oculus Quest 2

Spec wise I have a GE76 Raider11UH laptop with:

As you can see a fairly good laptop that is VR Ready.
I bought an Oculus Q2 because of the wireless functionality and the fact that it was my first VR headset.
I mainly play PCVR games through the link cable and have had no issues so far with games like Half Life Alyx and Skyrim. However every time I try to play Fallout 4, it’s just a mess. Whenever I turn my head or try to walk, I get extreme stuttering to the point that It makes my eyes hurt.
Things I’ve tried:
When I run the game, I can see that on my monitor it looks fine but inside VR it’s a mess. I know that the Quest 2 CAN run this game, but I just don’t know HOW to run it myself.
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2021.12.07 11:04 Humamadrama Nabati Foods CSE:MEAL enters Costco

Currently Valued at 50c with a product range and cash flow that could carry it to the mainstream.
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2021.12.07 11:04 NatrixExMachina Jede MKL I Vorlesung/Übung gefühlt

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2021.12.07 11:04 businessyndicate Medicago and GSK announce positive Phase 3 efficacy and safety results for adjuvanted plant-based COVID-19 vaccine candidate

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2021.12.07 11:04 YOW-Weather-Records Yesterday was Halifax-Stanfield's 4th latest day with maximum temperature ≥ 15°C.

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2021.12.07 11:04 orihcsro realme GT2 Pro: Neuigkeiten am 9. Dezember 2021

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2021.12.07 11:04 ConstructionHumble10 💯

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2021.12.07 11:04 CrowbarZero08 Question, is this a Dwarf Wood Scorpion? My dad found it when sorting agarwood. And if it it, how do i take care of it?

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2021.12.07 11:04 Skulliess VVS + USDC farm

Hello everybody, finally managed to get some VVS and USDC on the cronos network using the defi wallet. I just have a few questions and hopefully you guys know.
I swapped some CRO to USDC and VVS but fpr some reason it's not showing up on my wallet, is there a reason? It will show up that I have a balance of said coins but only when I'm going to begin a swap or something. Is that normal? Do I need to import some coins to view it on the CDC defi wallet?
Also, how does staking LP work? Like when I stake it, can I unstake it at any time? Also, is it best to spread out the LP farming to more than 1 farm? Like example: VVS + USDC and CRO + VVS for better return? Or does it matter if I just leave it in 1 farm?
Also, when using the VVS.finance platform, how am I able to see all the transactions? It's hard to see how much exactly did I use to make the LP tokens as I want to document it. ( I should have documented prior to creating LP tokens, I know, thats why I need to know if theres a way to see the transactions)
Thank you everybody in advance!
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